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Aedifica SA

duminică, 14 aprilie 2024, ora 11:52:57 EEST (UTC + 3)

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Denumire Aedifica SA
Piața EBR
ISIN BE0003851681
Sector Finance
Industrie Real Estate Investment Trusts
Monedă EUR
Preț 62,7000 EUR
Capitalizare bursieră 2,980 mld. EUR
P/E 16,93
Beta 0,0368
Dividend 6,78%
EPS 3,6974
Profit anual -37,81%
Dată actualizare 04.08.2023

Aedifica SA engages in the investment in real estate and residential assets. It operates through the following segments: Healthcare Real Estate, Apartment Buildings, and Hotels. The Healthcare Real Estate segment consists mainly of rest homes and assisted-living complexes, rented to operators often under triple net long leases. The Apartment Buildings segment consists of residential apartment buildings located in Belgian cities. This segment also includes rental income from commercial ground floors and/or office space included in these buildings. The Hotels segment consists of hotels rented to operators under triple net long leases. The company was founded on November 7, 2005 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

Istoric cotații

Data P/E Beta Capitalizare Dividend EPS Profit anual Preț
04.08.2023 16,93 0,0368 2,980 6,78% 3,6974 -37,81% $62,70