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Akzo Nobel NV

miercuri, 24 iulie 2024, ora 17:20:04 EEST (UTC + 3)

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Denumire Akzo Nobel NV
Piața AMS
ISIN NL0013267909
Sector Process Industries
Industrie Industrial Specialties
Monedă EUR
Preț 69,6000 EUR
Capitalizare bursieră 11,900 mld. EUR
P/E 29,11
Beta -0,0436
Dividend 2,84%
EPS 2,3975
Profit anual +1,19%
Dată actualizare 16.01.2024

Akzo Nobel NV is a holding company, which engages in the manufacture and sale of coating and paint products. It operates through the following segments: Decorative Paintings, Performance Paintings, and Corporate and Others. The Decorative Paints segment manufactures and supplies a range of interior and exterior decoration and protection products for professional and do-it-yourself markets. The Performance Coatings segment produces automotive and aerospace; industrial; marine and protective; and powder coatings. The company was founded in 1792 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Istoric cotații

Data P/E Beta Capitalizare Dividend EPS Profit anual Preț
16.01.2024 29,11 -0,0436 11,900 2,84% 2,3975 +1,19% $69,60