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Main Street Capital Corp.

miercuri, 22 mai 2024, ora 02:53:30 EEST (UTC + 3)

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Denumire Main Street Capital Corp.
Piața NYSE
ISIN US56035L1044
Sector Finance
Industrie Investment Managers
Monedă USD
Preț 40,3200 USD
Capitalizare bursieră 3,240 mld. USD
P/E 12,20
Beta 0,7983
Dividend 6,62%
EPS 3,3057
Profit anual +6,77%
Dată actualizare 02.06.2023

Main Street Capital Corporation is a major investment business that offers lower middle market firms with long-term loan and equity capital, as well as debt capital to medium market companies in the US. The business was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, managing about $5.1 bn in investment funds.
Main Street Capital provides various benefits to entrepreneurs, company owners, and management teams that enable each organisation to reach its maximum potential and produce money for its owners. Its forerunner investment funds were established in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has launched, acquired, orfunded lower middle market investments in over 200 businesses across a variety of sectors. Along with its lower middle market investments, Main Street Capital has executed loan investments in a range of middle market firms that are typically bigger than lower middle market portfolio companies.
Main Street Capital Corporations is publicly listed on the NYSE using the ticker MAIN. Main Street in conjunction with a co-investor, invested in GRT Rubber Technologies LLC to endorse the company's acquisition of Valley Rubber, L.L.C., a complementary business in the engineered rubber products sector that significantly expanded the company's customer base and product portfolio.

Istoric cotații

Data P/E Beta Capitalizare Dividend EPS Profit anual Preț
02.06.2023 12,20 0,7983 3,240 6,62% 3,3057 +6,77% $40,32

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