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Marqeta Inc.

miercuri, 6 decembrie 2023, ora 22:36:21 EEST (UTC + 3)

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Denumire Marqeta Inc.
Sector Finance
Industrie Regional Banks
Monedă USD
Dividend 13,06%
EPS -0,1996
Profit anual +0,92%
Dată actualizare 29.09.2021

Marqeta, Inc. engages in the creation of a digital payment technology. The firm develops a modern card issuing platform, providing infrastructure and tools for building configurable payment cards. It provides its customers issuer processor services and also acts as a card program manager. The company was founded by Jason M. Gardner in 2010 and is headquartered in Oakland, CA.

Istoric cotații

Data P/E Beta Capitalizare Dividend EPS Profit anual Preț
29.09.2021 0,00 0,0000 0,000 13,06% -0,1996 +0,92% $0,00

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