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Olaplex Holdings Inc.

miercuri, 24 iulie 2024, ora 17:51:00 EEST (UTC + 3)

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Denumire Olaplex Holdings Inc.
ISIN US6793691089
Sector Consumer Non Durables
Industrie Household or Personal Care
Monedă USD
Preț 1,6100 USD
Capitalizare bursieră 1,160 mld. USD
P/E 10,02
EPS 0,1766
Profit anual -82,47%
Dată actualizare 13.10.2023

Olaplex Holdings Inc. develops and manufactures hair care products for home use and the professional haircare industry. The company was founded in 2014. Olaplex, which is based in Santa Barbara, California, operates and sells its products internationally.
As of October 2021, Olaplex had 100 haircare product patents. The company held its IPO on 30 September 2021. It sold 73.7 million shares at $21 apiece during the offering and raised more than 1.5bn.

Istoric cotații

Data P/E Beta Capitalizare Dividend EPS Profit anual Preț
13.10.2023 10,02 0,0000 1,160 0,00% 0,1766 -82,47% $1,61

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